Staggering Etsy Shop Closing

I first started my Etsy shop a few years back when I started selling a modification for the Yeti Hopper. With no marketing except for 2 youtube videos, they sold pretty regularly considering. One of the videos is actually telling people how to make it, so I think that helped people out as well. Not sure if someone running into this might need this, but who knows.

Anyway – so I stopped doing these and just sold art through the Etsy shop. But now I am going to switch up the operation – not putting emphasis on the skateboards and leaving Etsy in favor of – right now I have a Saatchi store and I just started on Deviantart – I’m not sure why it took me so long to go there…it just looked too cool for me maybe. And I’m also looking at opening an Amazon Handmade store…all possibilities.

So anyway, the Etsy shop – I’ve decided what would make the most sense is to phase it out over the next few months. The way Etsy works is you pay to list an item and then when the listing expires, you can renew it for the fee. So what I’m going to do is just not renew anything. When a listing is in its last week, I will mark it 30% off and let it expire. I’ve got items that expire anywhere from today to November.

So right now there’s several 30% off items – and with free shipping, this isn’t ideal for me – but, I do like the ease and familiarity of payments through Etsy, so I’m willing to let them go through one last time on the inexpensive side.

So if you need something or have friends who just bought a new home or business, check out what I’ve got on big sale or just anything else.


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